Hi there!

I’m Gennean, a twenty-something writer, photographer, and virtual assistant.  I'm an extroverted introvert (INFJ + Enneagram 4) with a penchant for turning any party into a dance party, and I'm known to geek out over all things Harry Potter — I even have a lightning bolt tattoo to prove it.  A self-described wild heart, I'm on the greatest adventure with Jesus, exploring the things that set my soul on fire like traveling often, writing all of the things, and encouraging others to keep it real in their pursuit of God.  I'm a big believer in minimal, sustainable living, that kindness is the best super power, and that no matter how good the dream, the Dream Giver is better.

I am also a natural light photographer specializing in vibrant, airy, and timeless photos, and I'm passionate about capturing the real, raw moments of life — the ones that will be cherished for years to come.