Not Alone.

My very talented friend took these pictures of me yesterday in a field out by the nature preserve on campus, and they turned out lovely.  She was shooting on my camera - though she has a beautiful Nikon D300 - and I just think these ended up looking so ethereal.  She even managed to capture a few of me mid-laugh before my battery died.  In looking at all of the pictures she took, I've decided that I truly love my crooked smile (and my crazy hair)!  Also, it was day number two not wearing makeup, and I must admit I'm liking this new trend I've picked up; today is day three.

I shared my story this morning in Chapel, and it went so much better than I could have planned.  I was extremely nervous and pretty dang uncomfortable, but I had tons of people praying for and supporting me.  God totally provided the time, the words, and the confidence that I needed to bring Him glory.  I will be posting a link to the podcast soon.

"As water reflects the face, so one's life reflects the heart."  
Proverbs 27:19