Being Loved.

The prayer of an honest and broken woman:  


Give me a pure and clean heart - one that You are proud to call Yours! May my life reflect Your love in all that I do. I truly want nothing more than to grow into a godly woman of noble character. Help me to be obedient; challenge me to be better; teach me to be more and more like You; grow me into the young woman I know You have planned for me to be. Be my source, let your love flow from myself so that all others can see is You!  

Take my pride, selfishness, and conceit - and turn them into humility, selflessness, and the ability to recognize and praise You in everything! I trust You fully and am confident in Your promise: that You've got a bigger plan in all of this than I could even imagine! Be the center of my life, and let me rest in You! May I continue to seek your guidance in all areas of my life!"  

The response of an incredible, omnipotent, loving God:  

"My daughter - I will challenge and stretch you to great limits. Let me love you, guide you, teach you more of who I AM and let me give you all you need right now. Trust me, for my timing is always perfect. Focus on me, and you will see. The desires of your heart will come exactly how I have planned them to. Let my unending love overflow your heart now and always. Rest in me, and be loved, my beloved."
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