In Reflection.

"The secret to finding contentment no matter what our to yield to His strength rather than the power of our own desires.  To choose to love, give, serve and pour out our lives for Him, asking nothing in return.  It's what He did for us." (Leslie Ludy)

"The difficulty is to keep a tight reign on our emotions.  They may remain, but it is not they who rule the action.  They have no authority.  A life lived in God is not lived on the plane of the feelings, but of the will." (Elisabeth Elliot, Quest for Love, p.38)

"When God's Spirit is given is rightful place in a young woman's life, He transforms her personality to reflect His beauty, His grace, His selflessness...the end result when He is in control is that you decrease, so that He might increase...your personality becomes what it was intended to be; a tool to draw eyes to Jesus Christ and not yourself."(Leslie Ludy)

"A woman that appreciates manhood is an instrument God will use to shape womanhood." (Eric Ludy)