The List.

A Woman of Honor is...

  • Dead to Self-Interest
    • She puts Christ before and above her own interests and desires
  • Confident in Christ
    • She trusts in and waits on the Lord, having all confidence that He will deliver on His promises
  • Valiant
    • She possesses an unmatched strength, which comes from God, for His purposes
  • A Rescuer of the Weak
    • She is willing to give up comfort and safety to fight God's battles as He calls her
  • An Upholder of Decorum
    • She represents her King's glory and Name in though, speech, and action
  • Harnessed of Soul
    • She is clear-minded, disenchanted by the world's fleshly desires, and rejoices in the truth
  • Unable to Violate her Conscience
    • She does not lie, manipulate, or control, but has integrity
  • Marked by Purity and Virtue
    • She is quick to forgive, does not hold grudges, and seeks purity for herself and others
  • Unafraid of Death
    • She is ready to give up her life for the sake of her King
  • A Slave to None but Christ
    • She does not succumb to fleshly lusts, worldly approval or cultural pressures
  • Untouched by the World's Opinion
    • She seeks approval from Him alone and to glorify His name
  • A Possessor of Great Inner Stability
    • She is not a slave to her feelings, but has a stable and secure grounding in Jesus Christ

As a young woman pursuing Christ, what qualities would you add to this list?  

[Adapted from Leslie Ludy's The Lost Art of True Beauty]