Summer Plans.

As of mid-May, I have been on summer vacation.  The first few weeks were filled with the excitement and stress of a new job, as well as frantically searching to purchase a new car.  I was hired as a Children's Ministry Coordinator at a church about a half hour from my school as well as where I am living for the summer, but my car was on the "brink of death" and became a danger to drive.  I was frustrated, because I knew that I was doing what God wanted me to do by taking on this job, despite my fears of being unqualified, inadequate, and too young, yet I wasn't safe in my means of getting to that job.  To make a long story very short, God provided in an unforeseen and divine way, through my boyfriend/best friend's hard work and perseverance, with an amazing little white Jetta that I adore!

With that, my new job is going pretty well.  It's kind of surreal to still be a college student, studying family and children's ministry, while also working in that very area, but I know it's going to benefit myself and my ministry tremendously! 

Other things that I have done this summer include: moving from the on-campus apartments to my aunt's house, lots of meetings, scheduling, and emailing for work, exploring all of the Starbucks where I am now living to find my favorite, watching lots of detective shows (my new favorite is Criminal Minds), driving down to Santa Cruz to pick up my new car and spend a few days at my boyfriend's house, summer wardrobe shopping (notice the small amount of space in which my clothes are hanging - it's a good exercise in simplicity for sure), a fabulous new hair cut, eating delicious homemade food a la my aunt's amazing skills, and lots of journaling on my thoughts on life, love, and the pursuit of Christ.  Oh, and my boyfriend just moved back to the area for a summer internship, so I get to see him more often - yay!

Additionally, the weather here in California finally decided to act right and be normal!  The past few weeks have been so weird, with cold and dreary weather, intense thunderstorms, and tornado warnings (what the heck)!  So I am grateful that the sun has shown itself today, and I am so stoked on the 10-Day Forecast... though not everyone is as excited as I am (sorry bf)!  So with this much-anticipated change in weather - I mean, come on, it's finally starting to feel like summer - I have begun compiling a "Summer Bucket List", which includes fun things like:
  • Attending a Baseball game
  • Going to the Farmer's Market and having a picnic
  • Day trips to Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, and the beach
  • Visiting my Grandpa and his super cute town
  • Having lunch at a local hole-in-the-wall cafe
  • Visiting my beautiful friend Greer in southern California
  • Finding a waterhole somewhere in the area to go swimming
  • Exploring the downtown music festival
  • Going home to see my much-missed friends and family
  • Reading books for my own pleasure
  • ???

I hope to add to this list throughout the summer, as well as cross off those which are completed!  What are your fun plans for this summer?  Have you made a "summer bucket list"?  I'd love for you to share!

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