So Worth It.

After co-leading an intense, fun, five-day Vacation Bible School of over 80 volunteers and 275 children, what have I learned?  Well, many things.

  1. Drinking copious amounts of coffee in the morning will help you get through 3 1/2 hours with 70 first and second graders.  
  2. Inhibitions do not exist when you get to sing, dance, laugh, and play with these kids.
  3. Midnight Harry Potter showings and 8 am VBS arrival times do not mix well.  
  4. Bringing your boyfriend with you to help with the rowdy little boys is a wonderful idea, and seeing him work with children might melt your heart.  
  5. This whole "life" thing?  Yeah, it's not at all about us.

When Wednesday hit, it was definitely a mid week slump felt by all.  Volunteers were visibly exhausted and the kids' energy levels seemed to flat line, but there was still a restless excitement in the air.  It was the day when the children would be learning about the ABC's of salvation (Admit that you're a sinner, Believe that Jesus is God's Son, and Confess your faith).  At the end of the day, during our small group "huddle time", leaders handed out response cards to their groups regarding their relationships with Jesus - if they already had one, if they were ready now to start, if they had questions first, or if they didn't want to right now.

What made all of the blood, sweat and tears of VBS so worth it was the moment when three little girls - Breanna, Savannah, and Elizabeth - told me that they were ready to ask Jesus into their hearts right then.  I had the incredible privilege of praying right there, in the middle of the chaos that is VBS, to pray for their young lives and the commitment that they were making to be "forever friends" with Jesus Christ.  Amazing, and so worth it!

In reflection of all that my VBS week entailed, I've been reminded that this life is not about me, or you, or us.  It's not about our wants, needs, desires, or dreams.  It's not about family, money, security, or comfort.  It is all about Jesus Christ.  Regardless of where you are right now or where He's calling you to go, I pray you remember that our lives are not our own.  We have been bought (1 Cor. 6:20), and our biggest calling is to bring glory to the One who matters most: Jesus.