Our Desires.

"Take delight in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart." Psalm 37:4

Sometimes it is fairly easy to recognize the desires He has placed on our hearts.  Other times, it is quite difficult, as we must struggle and stumble through the mess of our hearts to figure out if our desires are truly of God.  If you can believe it, we are fully capable of manipulating our minds into thinking that what we want is actually what God wants for us.  There is a big difference, and yet it is a trap into which we can so easily fall.

So how can we determine if the things that we desire are truly of God and not just of ourselves?  One word: prayer.  I know that I've said it before, but it can always bear repeating - never underestimate the power of prayer!  In your times of intimate prayer, ask God to reveal to you the desires that He Himself has placed on your heart, and ask Him to take away those that are of your own (and most likely selfish) wants.  I will candidly admit that it can be very difficult to allow Him to remove the things that you want for yourself, no matter how pure the motive may be, but be encouraged that in the end it will always be for your ultimate benefit.  Remember that it is entirely possible for the things that we want to align with what God wants for us, too!

Motives are something that need be addressed when discussing our heart's desires, as well.  Is your motive to serve self - to gain confidence, increase your connections, or lift yourself up - or is it to impact God's kingdom and glorify His holy name?  The Lord knows the motives of your heart, but do you?  My advice here is that you do a serious self-assessment of what is actually, really, truly driving you to do what you're doing.  Please know that there is no judgment here; just a convicted heart that knows she needs to share what she is learning.

The Lord has placed many desires on my heart.  He has given me a huge passion for working with children, and has even provided a job where I get to teach them Biblical truths and lavish the love of Jesus Christ on them constantly.  I love getting to do what I do and impact their lives in the name of God.  He has also given me a fiery desire to work with women, specifically young women who, like myself, are earnestly seeking after His heart and for His will to be done in their lives.  I am a broken and beautiful daughter of the King, and I desperately want to connect with and impact the lives of as many of His beloved daughters as I can!  This blog is my first (and hopefully not last) venue where I am able to put that passion/desire to work.  Another desire that I believe He has given me is to get married.  I long to be a wife of noble character (Proverbs 31), a helper to my husband (Genesis 2:18), and to truly take on the role that I was made to as a woman (however, I am in no rush to be married just yet.  I count myself blessed to be aware of the fact that I have a lot of growing and maturing to do before I will truly be ready to make that commitment... and yes, I am completely okay with that).  I know that He who has given me all of these desires will be challenging me in big ways and continuing to refine me as I go through the process of becoming the woman He has planned for me to be!

I pray that as you go through the process of refining the desires of your heart that He who is the giver of all things good will reveal Himself to you in new ways, and that you will trust Him to provide opportunities, in His way and time, for those desires to come to action!

Share with me: what are some of the desires that the Lord has placed on your heart?  How have those desires come to fruition?  What are your hopes for those desires that are yet to become a reality?