The other night, I went to the movies to see Courageous, and oh my word... it was such a fantastic film!  It comes from the makers of "Fireproof", which either means you are going to want to see Courageous immediately or you won't at all because of the acting (because yes, despite the wonderful message and spiritual truth behind that movie, the acting skills needed for Fireproof to be most effective just weren't there).  However, please do NOT let that keep you from going to see this movie!!!

So let's get to why I loved this movie: it's all about earthly fatherhood and what it should look like as depicted and advised in the Scriptures.  To watch five men from completely different backgrounds and current situations come together to be the fathers that they are called to be was inspiring, heart-breaking, and extremely encouraging!  Through tragedy and trials, these fathers step up to be the spiritual leaders in their homes simply because that is what men are called to do.  Can I get an amen?

Courageous was actually a hard film for me to watch at times.  Coming from a home where my dad was emotionally and physically absent in some of the most difficult years of my life, emotions were raised and tears were released as I watched these men seek to be godly fathers to their children and godly husbands to their wives.  My broken heart, over the "fatherlessness" that so many face nowadays, was so immensely encouraged as I watched these men choose to draw closer to the Lord and to be all that the Scriptures call men to be.  Additionally, they decided to hold one another accountable through it all, which proved to be one of the most difficult yet rewarding things they did.

All in all, this movie has a powerful message about current-day fatherhood, fatherlessness, and what true fatherhood should look like according to God's Word, and ends with the challenge for men to "man up".  My recommendation?  Find a theatre that is showing Courageous and see it now!