A Note.

My child, 
Everything is going to be okay!  I have been and am holding you even now.  Don't you trust Me?  Have I not been faithful in all things?  I love you completely and only have the greatest of things in store for you. I have your heart, for you are Mine!  Trust Me to work out all of the details - big and small, public and intimate - and know that you will do the things that I have placed in your heart.  You are unique and extremely special, not only to Me, but also to those around you!  You are tremendously loved by many, and you are safe in My arms.  You are held and comforted.  Won't you trust Me to give and fulfill the desires of your heart?  Continue to love Me wholeheartedly; seek My instruction in My Word; pray fervently and without abandon; love on My people!  You are where you are for a reason, so take full advantage of it all!  I am with you always.  You are My beloved.

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