Well Done.


Warning: this post is a collection of rambling and processing, and my thoughts may make you uncomfortable.  Honestly, I am completely okay with that.  In fact, I hope it shakes you and makes you uneasy.  I ask that you bear with me and read on until the very end, and then share what you think.

- - - - -

Do you want to know what hurts my heart?  People who live with content or stale faith.  Far too often, I see and encounter Christians who know who God is and know the stories, but whose lives don't reflect any faith.  I constantly wrestle with how that is even possible.  How can one know God and know His power but not be crazy in love with their Maker?  How can they not be daily giving their lives over solely to do His will?  I refuse to be a person who knows God but does not live like it.  If the way that I live my life is not reflecting His love, grace, truth, compassion, mercy, justice, goodness, and promise of hope... then what am I even doing?

We need to be shaken to the core over this!  We need to remember that this world that we seek to so comfortably live in is not our home - it is only a temporary residence.  We are foreigners here on the earth, for our true home is in Heaven with our Father.  However, we have been put in this place at this time for a reason bigger than most of us actually understand.  We are here to preach and live out the Word of God to a world of broken people, thirsty hearts, and lives in need of a Savior.

I was recently reminded that "American Christianity" isn't quite the same as that of others around the world.  "We believe in Jesus because..." fill in the blank.  Why do you believe that Jesus Christ is God's Son?  What is the reason for your faith?  If we were to ask our brothers and sisters in other parts of the world this same question, we would probably hear something like, "...because I saw a miracle performed in the name of Jesus Christ" or "...because the Lord gave me a vision in the middle of the night."  Does this sound crazy, inconceivable, or even impossible to you?  If it does, you desperately need to be reminded that God can do anything.  The God that we claim to believe is the same God of the Bible that performed miracles all over the place.  He parted the Red Sea, brought people back to life, sent famines, healed the lame, and resurrected our Lord Jesus.  If we are going to continue to claim to truly believe in this God, we must have crazy faith in Him!  It is one thing to know God, but it is another to fully believe God.  Do you believe Him?  Do you believe Him when He says He can do anything?

Do you have believe in the God who heals the blind?
     who moves mountains?
     who can use 300 to defeat 30,000?
     who sent His Son to be a living sacrifice?
Do you honestly believe that the Lord is fully able work a miracle right now?

Does the way that you live your life reflect absolute faith in the sovereign God?

When I have the privilege of reaching heaven and meeting the Lord Jesus Christ face to face, I want to know without a shadow of a doubt that I lived my life fully committed to Him.  When I die, I want to go knowing that I was fully sold-out to living for Christ, that I stopped at nothing to serve His people as His hands and feet on earth.  My heart's greatest desire is that my life shows that I not only know God, but that I believe that He can do absolutely anything in me, through me, and around me.   I want to fully believe Him when He says, "Well done, good and faithful servant."

Father God, convict us, your children.  May we refuse to be stale in our faith any longer.  Reignite our passion for You, for Your Word, for Your presence in our lives.  May we not limit Your ability to perform miracles, but rather give us the faith to believe that you can and that you will perform them.  Use us Lord.  Send us out as Your humble servants, to do Your work in and through us.  May we have the privilege of showing Your love and bringing Your truth to a world that so desperately seeks it.  May we bless others, and may our lives reflect the life-saving hope that we have in You.  Stir in us a mighty passion to live completely sold-out to You, that You may use us to do a mighty work in Your name.  Make us ready, for You are able.