People Watching.

The other day, I went out to coffee with a dear, dear friend that I haven't seen in a long time, and afterwards decided to grab some dinner by myself.  It is a past time that, for some reason, I seem to have abandoned a while ago.  As I was sitting in the restaurant, I remembered why I used to love it so much... two words: people watching.  When you're sitting somewhere alone, you are somewhat forced to just take in the people around you.  As I was watching all of the other people in the restaurant, what I witnessed gave me a very heavy heart: men talking to women in the most derogatory of fashions, women acting totally unladylike, parents ignoring the needs of their children... I was smack dab in the middle of a sea of people in one place in which there was very little class to be found.  I left that restaurant with a sense of unsettledness, and made one final stop at Target en route to my apartment.  All was well until I was walking out and, amongst the well-dressed people behind me, I heard a man say to his girlfriend (or fiance or wife) that she needed to "just grow a pair."

Wow.  Where is the class nowadays?  I know that my experiences in those two places do not give a "whole picture" of the entirety of society, but I think it's safe to assume that the kind of behaviors, mannerisms, and lack-of-respect I experienced that night exist nearly everywhere.  The truth is that the world we live in (which is temporary, y'all) is so deeply broken and messed up.

The one thing I walked away with from that night was that people desperately need Jesus.  I have no clever solutions.  No great quotes.  Just that bare-boned truth.  People so desperately need to know the love that Jesus Christ has for them, the truths that are laid out in the His Word, and the life that is awaiting them once they enter into relationship with Him.

What should we do?  Really, I think we just need to start with the basics: let's love the people around us out of His love.  Let's share the goodness of Christ through our words and, more importantly, our actions.  Let us strive harder than ever to be the light and the salt that we are called to be!