'Tis the Season.

On December 1, 2008, I wrote...

It's December!
I absolutely love this time of the year! It seems everyone I pass by is a bit more jolly, walking with a little jingle in their step. Plus, Starbucks brings out their red holiday cups, which always go best with a peppermint white mocha. 
This time of year brings about whirlwinds of to-do lists, holiday parties to attend, and all of those gifts that need to be given.  Wait - need to be given?  What does "need" even mean?
2. lack of something deemed necessary

I have come to the conclusion that I personally don't need anything this Christmas, nor is there anything that I really even want. Instead, I'd love if the money that others might have spent on gifts for me was either saved or, more preferably, donated, either directly to a worthy cause/organization or used to buy something to donate (ie: toys, clothes, or food for drives; gifts for those who don't usually get them; etc). This year, instead of material gifts, I would much rather just spend time with people, talking, laughing, and enjoying each other. I guess that's all I really want for Christmas. 
What inspired me most in deciding this was a video that was shown at my church a few weeks ago called "The Advent Conspiracy". I highly recommend everyone checks it out; it really makes you put some things into perspective.

This truly is the most wonderful time of the year; let's spend it in relationship with one another :]

All I wanted for Christmas three years ago is still all that I want now.  I do not need gifts, nor do I want them.  Give me more time, give me more relationship, and together let's take that money that we were going to spend on useless, unnecessary things and give it to those who are truly in need.  

This is the season of Advent, not the season of shopping and gifts.  Remember, Jesus Christ's birthday is upon us... so how are you planning on celebrating HIM ??