A Guy.

A guy who is like a brother to me recently sent me the following text message.  I believe these words to be true of every woman who loves the Lord and claims Christ as her Savior.  Read on, and I pray that you find yourself encouraged.

"I feel like God wants you to know that He will always fight for you.  And He already has!  His sacrifice on the cross, and even His being on earth was the ultimate fight for you.  And not just for humanity, but for you specifically, Gennean.  He is going to give you a man who will model Christ.  And part of that model will be that fight for you.  Because you are so worth it!  The Creator thinks so.  In this time, just be content with Christ.  When praying for you, I saw your foundation, and it was not built on anything of this world.  Especially not guys.  It was built on Christ, and God delights in that.  Stay true to that foundation, because He has a plan for you."

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