It's Your love that we adore, it's like a sea without a shore.  
We're lost in You.  
Don't be afraid, just set your sails and risk the ocean- there's only grace!

Where You go we will follow,
I'm on my knees!
Where You go we will follow,
Oh God send me!

I truly believe that last phrase are some of the most beautiful words a follower of Christ can ever utter: "Oh God, send me!"  I've been spending quite a lot of time in prayer lately, and the other night as I was reflecting on those words I realized how difficult it can be to actually mean them.  We can so easily say, "yes Lord, send me wherever You want me to go," while our minds wander to the things that we want to do.  I will candidly admit that I have been guilty of this: wanting to do His will above all else but getting stuck on my ideas, my plans, my hopes, and my passions.  Now, however, I have come to a place where I can honestly and eagerly exclaim those words to my Heavenly Father, and I have truly never felt more free.

So I pray, "Lord, send me wherever You want me to go.  Have me do Your work for Your glory alone.  Use me as a vessel, God, to share the hope that I have found in the cross.  Use the story, the talents, and the gifts that You have given me to impact and expand Your kingdom!  I'm on my knees- oh God, send me!"

Sometimes by David Crowder Band on Grooveshark

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