The Future.

Seventy-seven days.  That's all that's left of my undergraduate studies.  Less than three months and I will be walking across that stage to symbolically show that I have completed all that was required to obtain my bachelor's degree in Family & Children's Ministry.  Seventy-seven days, and then it's time to be a "real adult"... whatever that means!

I can honestly say that I have no idea what I want to do after graduation.  It's not that I have no interests or no leads on what to do next.  It's that there are so many things I can do and would love to do - the possibilities are endless!  I could go to grad school and get a masters degree in leadership.  I could go on a missions trip overseas, or even stay in the states.  I could get a new job (or stay at the one I have).  I could do... anything.  And that's the problem.

I am in a season of life where prayer is my only solace - and praise God for that!  I am constantly asked, "So Gennean, what's next?" to which my response is always, "I actually don't know."  Some think that I need to - or should - have it all together and figured out by now.  Others think it's great that I am leaving the door wide open for God to do His thing.  And how do I feel?  Unsure and uncomfortable... yet it's exactly where I think I need to be right now.

A quote that I keep close to my heart is this: "There is no better place to be than in the center of God's will."  I am sure we can all agree that this is true, but it's also pretty difficult to accept.  I have absolutely no idea what His will is for my life, let alone for the next six months!  I am being reminded, though, that discerning the will of God is not my job.  My responsibility, rather, is to be prayerful in the uncertain times and obedient when and where He leads.

In this season of uncertainty, as one chapter of my life comes to an end and a new one begins, I am choosing to trust that God has got all of the details figured out and that I need to only be obedient to His will.  What that is, I do not yet know, but what I do know is that it is going to be amazing!

The unknown future is a scary and daunting thing.  It always will be.  But we need not fear or be anxious, because the Lord of all creation is guiding our every step.  Will you trust Him to lead and guide you?

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