His Heart.

"The desires that have been placed on your heart first begin with Him."

Why?  Because He is the One who placed them there!  The yearnings and longings that you may have to do things of importance, to pour into the lives of others, to see others grow closer to Him and accept themselves as His beloved children, to be able to share more and more of your story and His constant redemption and reconciliation in Your life... to bring all of the glory and praise to His name...

The Lord has placed all of those desires on your heart.  He has given you every gift and experience that  you have had that they may be used in partnership with your desires.  Nothing has been a mistake and nothing will go in vain.  He makes beautiful things out of the dust.

And He has not forgotten you.  You may be in a season of resting in His glorious presence.  You may be in a season of seeking His heart and will for your life each individual day.  It may not be easy... but a life of following Christ is never promised to be.  He has not forgotten you.  He hears your heart, crying out to Him in desperation, wanting to more fully understand.

He has planted seeds of passion and longing in your heart, and this may be your time of toil... understanding that results take time.  Growth is a process of daily choosing to continue to nourish your soul of Him.  His Word, His presence, His promises.  Asking for your daily bread, and nothing else... and then discerning, with the help of His Spirit, exactly what to do with it.

Every day it's a choice.  Choose to follow His heart or choose to follow your own selfish one.  There is no competition.

His Heart > yours

Lord God, we long to fulfill the purposes that You have for our lives - whatever those may be.  We long to bring all glory and praise to Your name, and to do so humbly and will hearts full of Your truth.  Lead us into all things good for our growth as Your children.  Help us to be more discerning, courageous, and firm.  And Jesus, our King, may we wholeheartedly follow Your example.  Every day.