Childlike Faith.

It should come as little surprise to many of you that I absolutely love working with children  It consider it such a privilege to have the opportunity to share Jesus with them, whether that means being in a church or not.  Most of you also know that I just earned my B.A. in Family and Children's Ministry and recently ended my one-year job as a children's ministry coordinator, and while I previously attempted to walk down another job path, God very quickly and clearly redirected me back to this very special area of ministry.

Last week, I was able to make a trip back to my hometown in the Bay Area for my home-church's VBS program.  It was one of the most encouraging and affirming trips home yet, not only because I got to participate in VBS, but also that I was able to spend quality time with some of the people who have most poured into me over the last 5 years.  And time and time again, I was encouraged by their reminders that I was made for ministry.  I have really been struggling with what God wants me to do in this post-grad season, and so I praise God for using some of the most influential people in my life to affirm His calling me to ministry.

"And he said, "Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, 
you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." 
Matthew 18:3

On this trip, I was also reminded of how much we, as believers in Christ, need to have a childlike faith.  But what exactly does that look like?  Volunteer in a children's ministry program, and you will see it.  Children are so special, especially in the family of God, and it is because they are dependent on others, eager to learn, ready for adventure, and believe easily with little reservation.  And I believe that is what God requires of us as His children.  He desires...

Our complete dependence on Him

An eagerness to learn more about His character

A willingness to dive into the adventure with Him

Full trust and belief in who He is and what He promises

I am convinced that God has more for us so long as we can adopt this childlike faith that He desires.  My prayer is that nothing would hold you back or hinder you from having all that God wants to give you.  Seek Him daily, pray constantly, and make it a point to purge your life of the things that do not draw you closer or bring glory to Him.  He is good, my friends.  Have the faith of a child, and you will be blessed!

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