Two Lakes.

Well, I am back from my vacation at the Lake, which was amazing and actually included being evacuated as a result of fires (notice the smoke in some of the first pictures).  No worries though, we just took the scenic route - meaning a 3 hour drive through the edge of nowhere California/Nevada - on Monday to my friend's family house in Lake Tahoe.  It was an incredible few days of relaxing, good food, and great friends, as well as a very-winter-like thunderstorm in Tahoe on our way home!  Awesome!  Now I am back home working on fighting off some sort of bug.  The rest of my week is a little crazy, with two 9 hour work days, the music circus' production of Fiddler on the Roof  in Sacramento on Friday, and house-work and church on Saturday.  If I am quiet until next week, you know why!  Until then, here are some pictures from my trip...

The first house at Lake Almanor!
Coffee Chocolate Caramel Milkshake... whaaaat?!  SO good!
Beautiful Lake Tahoe at House #2
We hiked to the meadow...