He Sees You.

"I see you when no one else does.  I see you meet others needs when no one is looking.  
I know when you give generously when there is no spotlight.  Your name may never be 
on a plaque for the world to notice, but I see you, faithful one.  I know you need to be 
appreciated for who you are and all you do.  But don't give up.  I will bring you a reward 
that can't be bought in a store or found in the praises of people.  I can't wait to celebrate 
in heaven all you have done to further My kingdom.  I'm so pleased with your dedication 
and good works.  Until that great day - when I exalt you and your good works for the 
whole world to see - let Me give you a taste of those blessings here on earth.  Thank you 
for your faithfulness, My child.  The best is yet to come."  

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