Insta Friday.

Hey y'all.  You may have noticed the blog got a very slight update in recognition of Autumn, which so happens to be my favorite season - who's with me?  Now, if only the greater Sacramento area weather would get with this program... the next few days are supposed to be 100° - gross!

This last week or so has been a little crazy, with best friends getting married, growing more and more comfortable in my new ministry position, balancing my two great jobs, and most recently heading to a Luke Bryan & Jason Aldean concert!  This upcoming week leading in to my birthday is shaping out to be a super fun one, mostly in thanks to my beautiful friend Amy who refuses to let me ignore that I am turning twenty-three.  Twenty freaking three.  I feel old.  On that note, here are some instagrams (@gennean) from the last two weeks!

Throwback Thursday is so fun!  My brother and I, circa 1997.

When I needed internet to do ministry work,
I took the girls to Starbucks for chocolate milk.  Win.

The venue where my beautiful friend Taylor got married!

Such a gorgeous bride, inside and out!

I absolutely love that I get to be a part of 
seeing kids come to know and love Jesus!

On the way to see Luke & Jason last night!