True Beauty [Part 1].

In Be Stillthe first video/study of the True Beauty Series, Lisa Chan - wife of author and speaker Francis Chan - tackles a hard subject matter for women to understand, let alone practice: being still.  As she dives into the necessity (and practicality) of being truly still with the Lord in the midst of our busy lives, we also meet Susan, a woman who has known heartbreaking loss and the glorious redemption that only can happen by being still with the Lord.  Through tough times, she turns to Him and His Word to bring her through each day, meditating on Scripture like Philippians 4:13 - "I can do all things through him who gives me strength."

So, if we are being honest, we can admit that most of our lives are over-scheduled - and often overwhelming - full of appointments, responsibilities, and other miscellaneous activities... and in all of that stuff, Lisa begs to ask the question, "where is God?"

Let us assess our average day: how much time do we spend indulged in truly meaningless things?  Things like Facebook (and other social media)?  Celebrity news?  Novels?  Shopping?  
In light of your answers, where is God in that distraction?  Where is He in all of that chaos?

In sharing personal stories and reflecting on the truth of what is missing in the lives of most Christian women, Lisa reminds us that "being still means you and God, just the two of you."  No one else, no thing else... just you and God, in the quiet, in solitude.  Yet "a lot of us run from solitude.  In the quiet, we actually have to face our own heart, deal with what is going on.  It can be such a temptation to jump into life, get involved with so many activities that we don't really have to recognize that our lives are falling apart."

Something Lisa mentions in the video that struck my heart was when she was talking about the sisters of Mary and Martha, and she said: "Honestly, I think there are plenty of people that would say. "If Jesus literally walked through my door, I would sit there and listen to Him."  But we have access to the same Jesus every day.  Why don't we choose to sit as His feet?"  Why do we choose, instead, to fill our time with purposeless stuff, allowing the busyness, the mundane, and the pointless to distract us from spending time at the feet of He who sacrificed Himself for us?  Maybe because Jesus isn't right in front of us, we just let the opportunities to spend in His presence pass us by.  How sad!

The truth is that God wants us to be connected to Him and close to Him.  He is not going to turn us aside or hide from us... rather, He will delight in our devotion to Him!  Lisa then challenges us to think about what stillness really means to us: what does it mean to be still before God?  What does that look like in our lives?  Even if it begins with 15 minutes alone with God in the morning, that means 15 more minutes spent solely with the Lord than before.  

"Choose, today, to know your Savior, to be 
connected to Him, to love Him."

"In the middle of your chaos, at the center of the hurricance of your life, will you make room for stillness?  Is there time in your day-to-day routine to steal a moment away for quiet?  Take one step into the holy space of stillness with Jesus and you will taste peace that passes understanding.  Open up your heart and mind in the safety that is the Holy Spirit and find wholeness.  This challenge requires discipline and perseverance, but the rewards are eternal.  Will you be still?"