Insta Friday.

The last few weeks sure have flown by.  Every day I literally have a moment where I can't remember what day it is or how long I've been doing something (be it working in the office or nannying the girlies).  I have long thought that I suffer from young adult amnesia, and so this only further confirms that suspicion.  Yes, young adult amnesia is totally a thing... okay, so maybe it's not, but it sure feels like it is!

Anyway, here are the latest and greatest from instagram (@gennean)...




1. I felt so loved on my birthday!
2.  Waking up before dawn has its perks.
3. Event + 9 hours + two cameras = long day.
4. Fun day with the girls at the mall.
5. Milkshakes and fries with the cutest date in town!
6. Fall means excess amounts of chai and blogging.