This Blog. slowly but surely coming back to life.  In the last few weeks, I have spent quite a bit of time reflecting on this blog of mine and the greater blogging world in general.  While I respect and appreciate the many ways that other bloggers manage and run their little spaces of the internet, I have become convinced of a few things that will remain as the foundation for mine.

One thing is that I will never use my blog for profit.  I have considered paid sponsorships - charging small amounts of money for others to advertise their blog on mine - yet I concluded quickly that that just won't happen here.  Why?  For one, I don't think that I traffic nearly enough views for others to consider this blog a good way to spend money for advertisement.  I do receive many views from more places around the world than I thought would ever be possible for my blog (for which I thank God that His Word is being spread in small ways through me), but there are other blogs out there which see many more views, follows, and comments that, if others choose to spend their money, might be more worthwhile.  I will continue to offer free sponsorship swaps as a form of mutual advertisement, mainly because this blog is not my job.  While there are many who utilize their blogs as a career (which is kind of awesome), Loved, not Lost is not nor will be a source of income for me.

The biggest thing that will remain true for my blog is this: the central focus will always be Christ.  I have loved being able to share the things that I am learning as I grow deeper in my relationship with the Lord, and that will never change.  My posts tend to reflect what God is teaching me, the seasons that I am, and both the triumphs and struggles that I face.  Being candid for the world to see is pretty weird and scary, but I have seen so much fruit from this blog that I can't imagine letting it go... because, yes, I did consider the possibility of deleting it all together.  The reason why I said no to that is because this blog has become a journal of sorts.  It has chronicled so many highs and lows for me over that past few years, including some amazing stories of God's sovereignty and grace in my life, as well as lessons learned and fears defeated, that I truly cannot imagine deleting it or ceasing to share of His goodness in my life.

And so I continue to trek on.  Into the wild and unknown that lays ahead.  This blog - my blog - will continue to chronicle all that the Lord is teaching me and reminding me of, and I promise to be honest with you all in my good times and my bad.  My only prayer is that Loved, not Lost will bring glory to the only One deserving of praise and adoration: Jesus Christ.

Be glorified in this place, Lord.