Like Eve.

"I want to blame Eve for what she does next.  I want to be so mad at her!  But friends, I stand today just as guilty as she.  She knew and I know that there is only one God.  And we both have everything we could possibly need in Him.  But the thought of being in control - of being independent of my need for Him - and calling my own shots?  Of being the god of my own life?  I'm afraid to say that I have taken a bite of that same life-condemning fruit.  I have been discontent to trust the Lord God in the garden of provisions He has made for me."   (via She Reads Truth)

I, too, have been guilty of this for the past few months - wanting to be in control of my life and thus finding myself discontent, lacking trust in God's sovereignty.  Thankfully our God is one of grace, mercy, and forgiveness.  He is in the business of constantly reconciling us - and the rest of His creation - back to Him.  I am being reminded that He is the one true source, the only well that will ever satisfy.  Praise God that He is and will always be faithful despite all of our shortcomings.

Thank you, Lord, for loving each of us even though we don't deserve it, and especially when we least deserve it.