Same Spirit.

Over this last week, I have had the opportunity to hear from people such as Francis Chan and Natalie Grant, both of whom love the Lord and preach His truth wherever they go.  Each of these individuals are on fire for God!  They are living their lives in a way to bring glory to His name by using the gifts that He has given them to do so and by loving individuals that come into their paths.  Now, these individuals are undoubtedly passionate, talented, and anointed, but at the end of the day they are simply human beings, just as we are.  They are children of God, just like each one of us.  

Something that I have noticed in the last few years - from attending big churches, university chapels, and things of the like - is that we sometimes get too excited about being able to see or hear from these types of Christian celebrities.  I think that we even occasionally put them on pedestals, which can very easily and dangerously lead into a path of idolatry.  Something, in fact, that Francis himself said at a pastor's gathering last Monday was this: "A church service should be so much more about the Word than about the speaker."  It seemed to be a subtle stab at the fact that so many had lined up to hear him speak over the weekend, and yet the truth pervaded through his words: it is never about him or her or us... it was, is, and will always be about Him.

What I want us all to understand is this: the same Spirit that is in Francis Chan is in each of us.  Does that make sense?  The Spirit that has led him to write bestselling books, preach truth-filled messages to the masses, and do so many other amazing things in the kingdom of God is the same Spirit that lives in us.

Even more, it means that the same Spirit that was in Jesus Christ and that raised Him from the dead is in us!  I hope that you are absolutely floored by this truth, because it is everything.  It means that, when we truly recognize that the Holy Spirit is within us and can empower us to do whatever God wants to do in and through us, we can be Jesus-loving world-changers, freedom-fighters, and truth-bringers.  We can write and speak and do all things in the name and power of the Almighty God and all for His glory! 

He has chosen us, knowing what He wants to do with us and through us... but will we answer that call in full confidence that the same Spirit who heals the blind, restores the broken hearted, and raises the dead resides within our very being?