The Future: Part 2.

As a follow up to a post I wrote almost a year ago, I want to encourage you all to listen to a sermon by Louie Giglio entitled "Fearless."  I first heard his message during the Passion conference in January of 2012, and even with another year of Passion gone and done, I find that this message still resonates so much.

God has plans for you for the future - yes, that is completely true - but I am convinced we all need to know that the future that we so often talk about really starts now.  The way we live our lives and the things that we do now fully impact our futures.  Our faithfulness in what God has given to us at this point in our lives impacts what He will give us down the road.  And more than anything else, God wants to use us as His vessels right now - right where He has placed each of us - for His glory and His renown.  And that will remain the same forever.

"You don't need to wait to fully participate 
in the purposes and plans of God.  
They are RIGHT NOW!"