Yikes Y'all.

On Tuesday evening, I had just gotten home from the gym when I decided to make a healthy and delicious omelette made up of eggs, tomatoes, peppers, spinach and avocado, and while I was preparing it, I made a bit of an "uh-oh."  As I was going to get the pit out of the avocado, the knife I was using slipped through the avocado (I think) and plunged straight into my left palm and out the other side of my hand... seriously.  It was gross and shocking and once I realized what happened I totally freaked out - as any normal person would, right?  I guess that I pulled the knife back out at some point so the blood started coming and I started screaming.  Y'all, I don't do blood very well.  Or hospitals.  And that was exactly where I needed to go.

After wrapping my blood-covered hand in gauze and paper towels, a friend dropped me off at the ER and I checked in.  I didn't even realize until I was in the waiting room that there was blood all over my shirt and arm... but the little boy sitting across from me did.  Geeze-  that was when the tears started.  I realized I hadn't been in an ER, let alone a hospital, in over 10 years, and never without a parent with me.  Being alone in the ER was pretty awful.  Then, as any one would do, I checked in on Facebook saying "First time in the ER as an adult- oh joy!" and immediately my boss texted me telling me she was coming and bringing me food... since, ya know, I never got to eat my bomb-omelette.  Yeah, my boss is pretty awesome - in fact, she was the one who took the pictures you'll see below (not for the faint at heart) and said, "You're going to want proof of your battle wounds!"

Three hours, an xray, and a tetanus shot later, the doctor determined that it looked like I had damaged a nerve and was probably going to need surgery.  But not before they gave me a massive antibiotic shot -which was probably the most painful thing I've ever experienced - and stitches on both sides of my hand.

I have little to no feeling in part of my index finger and thumb now, and I am headed this afternoon to a consultation with a hand surgeon, where I am figuring he will decide to go forward with surgery for nerve damage.  If that is the case, my surgery will likely be tomorrow.

I was never the kid that ended up in the ER - that was my brother - and so I am finding myself terribly anxious.  I am also concerned about the financial aspect of all of this, but more than that I am just grateful that things aren't worse.  All that to say, can I be forward and ask for your prayer in all of this?  I would appreciate it more than you know!

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