Brief Update.

Day after my stitches were taken out

Shoot, I am so sorry for my absence lately!  From running around between appointments with my surgeon and physical therapist and taking on more responsibility at my church job, things have been crazy.  And these are the two things that I want to tell you guys about today!

1. So surgery went well (as most of you know), and last Friday I went back to my surgeon to get my splint off and stitches taken out.  Dr. Vance said he was happy with my healing thus far but reprimanded me for "not taking it easy" with my left hand/arm... I am not known to be one who slows down easily.  He was worried about the swelling and stiffness of my index finger and so told me once again "not to lift, push, or pull anything heavier than 2 pounds, or a coffee mug."  Seriously, that is so impractical!   Since getting my splint off, however, I have tried to be better about asking for help when it comes to not using my hand so much.  The best thing I can now do that I couldn't with my splint??  Curl my hair!  It's the little things, people!  Anyway, I am certainly healing well - as you can tell by pictures below, for which I now apologize for the grossness - but my finger is still stiff/swollen.  Enter in my new appointments: physical therapy.  I went in once last week and will go in again on Tuesday, and then back to my surgeon on Wednesday.  I am exercising and stretching this finger like it's nobody's business and praying that the swelling goes down so that I don't end up with "permanent stiffness," which yes, is a thing.  Yikes.

2. On top of all of that craziness, I have also taken on a few more hours at my church job as my responsibilities have increased.  While my boss has been in Hawaii, I have taken over a bi-weekly midweek program for 3rd and 4th graders, which has been a lot of fun!  My church is also in the planning process of launching a new Sunday evening service geared toward unreached young adults and young families, and I have become the point person for the children's ministry for that service.  It's kind of an overwhelming task, but I am passionate about that generation coming to know and love Christ, so it is also really exciting to be a part of the leadership team for this new endeavor!  But all of this excitement brings some crazy, too... crazy as in I now work over 52 hours a week with my two jobs.  If I thought I lacked a social life before, then I don't even know what to expect now!  BUT I absolutely love both of my jobs, so I really have little reason to complain.  After all, I am doing this to myself!

Now for your viewing (dis)pleasure, here is a picture of the progression of my hand post-stitches...