Still Believe.

On Tuesday night I went to see Kim Walker Smith of Jesus Culture at the historic Warfield in San Francisco, and even though I anticipated it would be an amazing night of worship, I really didn't know what I was in for.  There was one particular song that brought me to tears, and not the cute kind.  It was more like the weeping uncontrollably kind, and it was in the middle of her song "Waste It All."  Singing those words to God in that moment suddenly felt so much bigger than ever before, and I knew it was because it was the cry coming from my heart.  I have been caught in the tension between what is - the happenings in the everyday craziness of my life - and what I want, which is to be completely, unashamedly, wholly sold out to the Lord.  And then she sang "Still Believe."

And really, this is where my words end... just listen to the tracks below.  I pray that the Holy Spirit leads you to your knees and that you are filled with the deep understanding that His blood is sufficient for all of your needs.  I pray deeply that you, too, will still believe.

Waste It All by Gennean Woodall on Grooveshark