For Real.

I came across this picture tonight as I was perusing Pinterest before heading to bed (which obviously ain't happening right now), and out loud I literally responded to it with "For real!"  This is my heart, people... I don't care about anything other than bringing God glory through my life - not recognition, fortune, or my personal happiness - because the only thing that really matters is He who is in me, right?

Thinking over this quote, I laugh because, just the other day, I was talking with a couple girlfriends and it was brought up that my "online presence" can sometimes make others think something particular about who I am as a person.  Namely, I've heard "holier than thou."  Um... yikes.

Y'all, I will be the first to admit that I am so, so imperfect.  Incase anyone thought otherwise (which I hope not), I would not say that I am super spiritual and I certainly don't have it all together.  Honestly, most days I would classify myself as a hot mess.  Seriously.  A.  Hot.  Mess.  Of.  Sass. 

But the thing that remains true everyday, regardless of my circumstances or my attitude, is that I love Jesus.  I fall short and I fail Him often, but I love Him... with all of my dang heart.  I guess all that I am trying to say is this: I am NOT holier than anyone.  I'm broken and sinful, just like each of you are, but I try my best to be obedient to Him each day.  I try to deny myself and pick up my cross.  I try to give Him all of my worries, concerns, and dreams.  And all I want is for others to see that I love Him wholeheartedly... in my real life, in my blog/online life, and most certainly in my many imperfections.

Anyway, He doesn't want us to be perfect (because, hello, none of us will ever be perfect).  He just wants us to love Him and follow Him.  So, for real, I just want people to see my love for Him and, in turn, His love for them through me.

Rant over.