Integrity Lesson.

The other day, I splurged and bought a pair of RayBan sunglasses that I really, really love.  They are kind of ridiculous but, ya know, yolo or something?  Anyway, a few days passed after buying them when I realized that the receipt that was supposed to come through by email never did, so I went ahead and checked my bank account today only to see that the charge never went through.  Hey-oh, free sunglasses!  That was my first thought.  Then a second thought came to mind: "Be a woman of integrity, Gennean." 

Yikes.  Honestly, I was so incredibly tempted to just do nothing and let those pretty little sunglasses sit on my face fo' free!  But I knew that that simply was not okay, let alone the right thing to do.

So today I went back to the store to let them know that I was never charged for the sunglasses and that I wanted to pay for them.  The cashier was genuinely surprised, and made a reference to my karma.  Nah girl, more like the conviction of the Holy Spirit.

Just yesterday, I was working on small group curriculum for an upcoming weekend for my 3rd/4th graders in which our main point is, "As a follower of Christ, I will do what is right no matter what!"  Today I needed to choose to do what was right, even if my flesh really didn't want to and even though no one would know otherwise.  Although it wasn't my fault that the charge didn't go through, I needed to be a woman of integrity and pay for those dang sunglasses.  Why?  Because we are held to a higher standard, brothers and sisters.

My prayer for myself and you all is that we may continue to learn and understand the importance of pleasing and honoring God in everything that we do, including things others might not see.  May we be men and women of integrity.