Vlog: The 3 D's

Let the awkwardness begin...


Interestingly enough, I had the privilege of attending the National Prayer Breakfast this morning at my alma mater where Francis Chan was speaking, and he talked a lot about our devotion to God needing to really be #1, which I thought really tied in with what I said (this video was taken yesterday).  If we say we love Him more than anything and anyone else, we need to live like it, y'all!

A few observations after recording and watching this video...
1. Yes, I really am this weird and awkward in real life.
2. While I used to hate them, I now love how imperfect and not straight my teeth are.
3. I hereby swear to never make a video longer than 7 minutes ever again, and only one topic at a time.
4. If you're still reading, I love you.
5. Eyebrows.  That's all.

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