Your Great Project.

I recently finished the She Reads Truth Nehemiah plan, and it was one that absolutely rocked my world, for a few reasons.  But the biggest came on Day 9 when we read through Nehemiah 6:1-14.  Nehemiah and the Israelites were busy completing the rebuild of the wall around Jerusalem, and many were opposed to what they were doing... some so much so that they began scheming to harm and distract them from finishing what they were doing.  Nehemiah knew that He was taking on a work that the Lord had called him to and equipped him for.  So what was Nehemiah's response?

"I am carrying on a great project and cannot go down.  
Why should the work stop while I leave and go down to you?" 
(Nehemiah 6:3)

Friends, each of us has a great work to accomplish.  God has made us specifically for a certain task or project, and He has equipped us to accomplish it for His name and renown.  And when we are doing those things, we should expect opposition.  As the She Reads Truth team put it so beautifully:

"It is when we are taking on the tasks that He has called is to that others - namely the Enemy - will work against us."

And so what should our response be?

"I am carrying on a great project and cannot go down."

Whatever it is that the Lord has called you to, regardless of the size or risk involved, remember that it is a great project - YOUR great project - and that He who is in you will use you to accomplish it.  You are His "Plan A" to get that work done; you are the one that He wants to use.  So trust Him to do it.

- - - - -

Side note: the day that I read this Scripture and devotion, I faced a small spiritual attack on my ministry at work.  A very negative complaint was made of me by someone that I didn't know, who ended their comment with, "Either she should change her attitude or find a new job."  I broke down in tears thinking that a family whose child I interact with and try to show the love of Christ each weekend believed that I did not want to be there doing what I wholeheartedly believe the Lord has asked me to do in this season of my life.  Then this Scripture came back to my mind, and I prayed that God would clear up the confusion and give me the confidence to move forward in the work He was calling me to.  He did, and nothing more has come of the complaint.  I am grateful that we serve a God who is bigger and greater than the small issues in our lives, the distractions and opposition.  When He has called you to do something, you best believe He will fight on your behalf so that He is ultimately glorified.  Thank you, Jesus!