The One In Control.

I am learning this hard right now.  The Lord, for some reason, wired me in a way to be an extreme planner.  While that can sometimes be a great thing it can also be a huge fault of mine.  Not only do I plan, but I am also a strategic thinker, which means that I make sub-plans A, B, and C... all of the time.  I consider the "what if's" and try to come up with solutions for every single one of them before anything has even happened.  The problem with all of this is that things rarely if ever go the way that I plan, and in the moments when my plans fall apart, it's really hard for me.  At this point in my life I should be used to it and should know to not rely on what I come up with, because it probably won't happen that way.  And that is okay.

You see, God usually has a different plan, and His plans are always better.  Always.  I am learning that His way is best and His timing is perfect, even and especially when I cannot imagine how things are going to work out.  When I am at the end of myself, much like I am right now, God gently reminds me that I am not nor have I ever been the One in control anyway.  

Thank you, Father, for determining my steps, each and every one of them.  Rid my of myself and my plans, that I might see the goodness and the glory in Your plans more fully.