Refine & Reclaim.

This verse has been on repeat for me lately.  The Lord has been showing me more and more about His purposes in this season of life and I am really excited about what He is fixin' to do.  In May, I very clearly felt the Lord reveal to me that I was entering into a long season of refinement where we would be slowly removing the things from my life and heart that are hindering me from fully being who He wants me to be.  Exciting and challenging times, y'all.

On top of that, this past Sunday I attended a worship night at my church, during which God brought forth the word RECLAIM.

re·claim :  to get back something that was lost or taken away; to restore, recover, or rescue.
What a loaded word to have declared over you, right?  As I have been praying about what it all might mean, I had a vision that is two-fold: me reclaiming God as my first love and getting rid of all distractions, and God reclaiming every part of me as His - mind, body, soul, etc. - while also reclaiming His truth over the lies that I hear and sometimes believe.

This is a sweet time of life, friends, and I am excited to share more with you as time goes on and the Lord reveals more of Himself and His plans.  I am ready for the more that He has for me in this season and ready to live and love more like Jesus, and I hope that you all can experience a similar satisfaction in your walk.  Be prayerful, be available, and be obedient.  He provides in ways unseen all of the time and is bursting at the seams for us to experience His abundance in our every day (John 10:10).