2016 GOALsheets

Every new year, I try to carve out some time to prepare and plan for the coming 12 months.  Between lists of things to focus on, goals to try to accomplish, and praying for a word from God to set the tone for the year, it can be overwhelming, and sometimes even a little confusing.  As I was getting ready to have a "goal planning" session with some girls that I mentor, I was on the hunt for something simple and easy to use that also helped me to navigate and narrow down my goals for the year.  After some searching, I ultimately ended up deciding to create my own.  Let me introduce you to #GOALsheets.

Intentionally made to be fun, succinct, and easy to navigate, these #GOALsheets helped myself and some friends to really look into our hearts, identify some of our deepest passions and dreams, and put a name to the things we hope to work toward and/or accomplish this year.  And the best part was that, in doing it together, we were able to come around, encourage, and pray for one another in our individual pursuits for the year.

If you've been looking for something simple to help jumpstart your goal planning for the year, this might just be it!  Please feel free to download and share these #GOALsheets with friends!

Click here to download #GOALsheets


Later this week I will be sharing more of my 2016 goals, including the significance behind my words for the year.  Here's to killing it in 2016!

If you decide to share pictures on social media, be sure to use the hashtag #GOALsheets and tag me (@gennean)!  

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