A Story

     There is a girl, seeking to find love, worth and affirmation in all of the wrong places - the places in which the world says she will find them - yet she always comes out feeling even more empty, beat-up and alone than when she had entered.  Like Alice in that land of wonder, she seems to fall deeper and deeper down that rabbit hole, seeing and experiencing things that only temporarily relieve her of her utter pain and confusion, until she ultimately finds herself face-down on the floor in a dark, unfamiliar place.  Then a door which was previously unseen by the girl is unexpectedly opened to reveal a land, the likes of which she has never known before : a land of flowing waters, open fields, calming winds, and ever-present sunshine; where the birds of the air and the animals of the land roam freely and without constraint; where there is a sense of identity and family, endless love and grace.

     Unbeknownst to this girl, a man is walking alongside her, joy evident on His face without needing to say a word.  He has been with her the whole time, yet she never acknowledged Him.  Not until she looks up and sees His face.  Tears begin to well in her eyes at the sight of this man, as she comes to recognize Him as a long-lost friend.  She never really understood what she had heard and learned of Him before, but now that she has experienced just a taste of this land of wonder, she sees Him more clearly for who He truly is: a man of love, forgiveness, restoration and grace; a man who wants to hold her and cradle her every tear in His pierced hands; a man who seeks an intimate and undisturbed relationship with her.

     She looks to His beaming face, and with tears of joy streaming down her own she says, "I'm sorry it's taken me so long to come to you, and that I disregarded you and your Father for such a long time.  I'm sorry that I have made so many mistakes and that I have looked for Your love everywhere but from You.  I'm sorry that I am such a mess, that I am so broken and imperfect.  But I know now that here in Your arms I am home."

     He embraces her scarred body, her broken heart and crushed spirit, and says, "My child, I have been with you all this time.  I have never left you nor forsaken you.  It may have taken a while, but I have planned for you to come to Me even at this very moment.  It may seem impossible now, but I promise that all you have been through, the choices you've made, and the things you've endured will be used for a greater purpose than you can imagine.  Your story will be told, and you will tell it to the masses for one reason and one reason only: for My glory.  Beloved, you are Mine - and never will you not be, for I am your Lord, and I am here to save you."