Be Still

"Be still, and know that I am God..."
Psalm 46:10

This is such a well-known and used verse, isn't it?  We've all heard it and have probably even turned to it ourselves in times that we really needed to seek God.  I certainly have, and as much encouragement as it has given me,  I don't think that I actually knew what it meant to be still.

We live in a world of "go, go, go" busyness that keeps us strictly following our perfectly laid out schedules; we are a generation built on technology, with more gadgets at our fingertips than others around the world can even fathom; we are addicted to social networking, checking and refreshing our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds like junkies... do any of us really know how to be still?

After graduation, God laid out for me a real, true season of rest (which I believe I am still in).  I've had absolutely no responsibilities related to working, and no matter how much I've tried, nothing that I thought was going to work out has yet.  As someone who loves having things to do and then crossing them off of a to-do list, it has been both frustrating and uncomfortable to have literally nothing that I had to do.  While it has been quite annoying, it has also been a great time for me to intentionally spend in prayer and in the Scriptures (I joined up with She Reads Truth).  As I've been seeking God's will and purposes, He has shed light on many areas of my life that have been hindering me spiritually, emotionally, and relationally.  They were areas that I simply had not fully given over to Him in an attempt to hang onto anything, particularly in a time of such uncertainty, and it was only hurting me further.

The moment I realized what He was asking of me - to let go of those things that were hindering me and trust Him with literally EVERYTHING - I obeyed, and relief flooded my disheveled heart.  I finally had nothing to hang onto but God alone, and it was in that moment of prayer that I felt real stillness.  Pure, unweighted stillness.  

In that moment, I also knew that He was pleased with me.  His daughter had finally relinquished those last bits of control and immediately clung wholly to His side. Being truly still and totally trusting in what He has planned and is doing in your life, is not easy.  It is often really hard, really uncomfortable, and really unnatural.  But it's worth it.  

Be still, friends, and know deep in your hearts exactly who He is.