Behind The Scenes

About 20 minutes after I wrote my last post, I got a call from the company that I had been interviewing with here in Tennessee letting me know that they had a job for me and wanted me to start the next day!  Picture me, sitting in the middle of one of the busiest Starbucks' in Nashville (right across from Vanderbilt University), trying not to scream with excitement or cry out of pure thankfulness while talking to my supervisor on the phone.  It was a sight to behold, let me tell you.

Not even a week after beginning to work full-time, I got a call from a sweet friend of mine, who had previously posted on Facebook that her friend (me) was new to town and looking for somewhere to live, to let me know that a family from church had been praying about their spare bedroom and wanted to meet me.  Within three days I was moving from some of my friends' house in Nashville - where I had been crashing since I first arrived in TN - to my new home in Franklin.

It's almost comical to look back on my previous posts and personal journal entries and to see just how much I was struggling to trust God in the midst of all of the unknown.  I was discouraged, confused, doubtful, and yet... God was working the whole time.  Regardless of how I was feeling, the truth is that He was hard at work behind the scenes, and I am so grateful that sometimes He makes us wait to see the fruits of His work, because then when it all comes together we can truly appreciate that He is the One who deserves the credit.

So as I continue to work at an amazing place, live with a sweet family, and battle through all of the other things that come, I am anxious to see what God does.  He is teaching me new and exciting things in this season of my life, and though it can be hard and lonely, I know that He is stretching me beyond what I can imagine for a greater purpose.  I cannot wait to see what He does next!