Being Released

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a situation where you felt a little iffy, one in which you're not totally sure whether or not you are really supposed to be there or be a part of what's taking place?  I recently had an experience like this, where I was a part of something that was happening but - deep in my gut - something just felt off, and while I wasn't sure what that thing was, I knew that I needed to decide whether or not I was supposed to be in that place in that season.  I knew that I had to dig deep and ask some tough questions, like: what were my motivations and goals in staying a part?  Did I have fears in walking away, and if so, what?  Was it a trust issue with God, with people, or both?  

I ended up not having enough time to go to those deep places, because shortly after my initial feelings of uncertainty I was released from the project.  While I didn't quite have the space to work through my feelings about all of it, I quickly realized that I really didn't need to, because God was actually showing me some serious mercy in releasing me so abruptly.  Because with that release came an insurmountable amount of relief. 

This situation reminded me of something eerily similar that I walked through almost a year ago.  I was involved in a kind of "dream" project at the time that turned pretty quickly.  It was something that I was dedicated to, willing to do what needed to be done to make the project a success, but knew in my gut that something was just off.  I remember pleading with the Lord about it, saying:

"But God, I want this to work!  It's AWESOME, and such a gREAT opportunity."

True words, yes, but the minute they escaped my mouth I knew that was exactly why I needed to let it go; the truth was that it wasn't working, and just because it was a good opportunity didn't mean it was right.  So, putting my pride aside and with as much respect as I could muster, I stepped out of that project and remember almost immediately feeling a weight lift.  And while this time around God had to release me before I got to the point of making that decision myself, the feeling was the same: a burden was lifted, and relief came in like a mighty wave on the dry shore.

Not long after being let go from that project a year ago, new opportunities began to spring up, and I've started to see the same thing happened this time around.  I not only have found myself with more time to spend with friends, but I have had multiple people and events come forward wanting to hire me as a photographer over the next few months.  Exciting things that, had I not been released, I may not have been able to say yes to.   

In all of this, I have been reminded of the necessity of both accepting when we are released and knowing when to let go, because sometimes that's exactly what needs to happen in order for us to see things from a different perspective and be able to step into something else.  Because it is in the letting go that our Father fills us with better things, whether space to breathe, new opportunities, or simply His overwhelming presence.  We will never be done letting go, because He will never be done wanting to give His kids the absolute best.  So the next time you find yourself needing to make a decision or you have the decision made for you, remember that there is probably something better, more life-giving, and suited just for you waiting right around the corner.

Are there areas of your life where God is tugging, wanting you to let go of something?  My advice is to just go for it!  No matter how much it may hurt, let it go.  Because you never know what might be waiting for you on the other side.