2018 #GOALsheets

While it's more than a little hard to believe that 2017 is about to come to a close – what, with allll that has happened this year, both personally and in the world – the coming of a new year always gets me excited to set some new goals.  From the lists of things that I want to focus on, the goals I want to accomplish, and asking God for a word to help guide me through the year, it can be so fun, but only when it's not too overwhelming or confusing.  I always love to see what kind of products are available for vision casting and goal setting, but I've found that lately some of what's out there is just too intense for me, which was a little discouraging.

And then I remembered that back in 2016, I created something that I called #GOALsheets: a very simple and straightforward packet that helped me to navigate and narrow down my personal goals for the year.  They were a big hit two years ago, so I decided to bring them back again for 2018!

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