Choosing to Cling

The other day, I was reminded of an important and yet hard-to-swallow truth: that life isn't always easy or pretty or fun, and sometimes there is just nothing we can do about it.  Over the last few weeks months, so much hard and unknown have been swirling around me.  It started with my grandmother's passing in November, then potential work changes, my own minor health issues, and topped off on Friday with a text informing me that a close family member was in the hospital with a heart attack (all is well now, praise Jesus!), I must admit that I have been tempted to discouragement... to throwing my hands up in the air and exclaiming, "No, no more.  I am done!"  But before I could get there, I was reminded of an even more consuming truth: that it is in these moments that I must cling to Jesus.

In the midst of the utter messiness of life, Jesus is there.  When the waves are crashing violently and it seems the boat is about to sink, He is ever steady.  And it is in this place that I don't want any ounce of unbelief to overshadow my true belief in who He says He is.

So I cling to Jesus.  No matter how difficult my circumstances might be and no matter the mysteries I cannot understand, I choose to cling to and trust Him.  In this space of utter abandon, my worries seems to melt at His feet and my weary heart finds true rest in His presence.

And this is my place.  This is where most of my early morning and late night prayers are uttered, where I hunker down to spend time in the Word, where deep conversations with loved ones are had, and where hard situations are cried over.  This fluffy bed is a comforting reminder that God is with me, for me, and always protecting me, no matter what circumstances surround me, and for that I am obscenely grateful.

He is always near, friends, especially when we seek Him with all our hearts (Jer. 29:13).

How do you choose to cling to Jesus in the mess of life?

Where do you go to get close to His presence?