Crazy Dreams

Friends, for the last few weeks my heart has been wrestling over some big, crazy, God-sized dreams for the future. I should probably first admit that, by nature, I am not the most flexible or spontaneous person, yet lately it seems like I am turning a new leaf... and it's really exciting!  It feels like I am finally really figuring out who the Lord has made me to be.  Maybe it's a part of being one year out of college, paying lots of bills, and figuring out what real adult life looks like, but whatever it is, I am absolutely loving it.  

But let's get back to those dreams, which, for me, are pretty crazy.  They are big, they are real, and they aren't going away.  I have been praying over one in particular, and if anything, it is becoming more and more attractive by the day.  I don't want to give away any details (why must I be so vague, I know), but I am excited at the prospects and the support I've already received from a few special people in my life.  I am also really looking forward to begin reading Holly Gerth's You're Made For a God-Sized Dream in the next few days and to see how it might encourage the things that are currently mulling around in my heart.

What about y'all?  Do you have any big, crazy dreams for your present or future?