Dry Land

I am wandering through dry land with the Lord right now.  I have very little motivation to move, though not because I enjoy the landscape.  What's keeping me is that I'm scared terrified of what is ahead.  The unknown.  I dream of lush landscapes, both the ones I've known and the ones that I am sure are somewhere up ahead.  Yet still I stay stuck in this area that leaves me parched.  I simply cannot make out what is in front of me.  I keep hearing that it is going to be "amazing", even "beyond my wildest dreams", and that I will be "used greatly."  The problem isn't that I don't believe that all of that is true.  The problem is that I don't feel a sense of direction... or maybe I just don't feel in control of the direction.  It's unnerving.

Isn't that always it?  Lack of control terrifies us - or maybe just me.  I'd love to just know where to go and what to do.  I swear that if I only knew, I would go there with all of my heart.  But the hard truth is that we aren't always supposed to know.  We are just supposed to trust, to have faith.  There are prospects up ahead.  It is exciting, but I am still scared.  I have no idea which one will come to fruition...  and as hard as that is, I know that He does.

It's time to walk toward the unknown.  Step by step, my hand in His, I will be led into the lushness that I know is close.  I need only trust and walk faithfully out of this dry land.  And so I shall.