Grace For When

If I've learned anything at all over the last five years of blogging, it's that the flow of words can be finicky and inconsistent. Sometimes they come like rain, refreshing and plentiful and full of life, and then sometimes they just don't. Like the tide that brings that ocean waves up onto shore and then takes it away, the ebb and flow of words, stories, and lessons in my life fluctuate, and these last six months have been pretty dry. There hasn't been much laid upon my heart to share in this space, which at times has been both disheartening and frustrating, and yet in this I am learning grace.

Grace for when there are no words.

Grace for when the stories aren't all that exciting, and life is a little mundane.

Grace for when God has you in seasons of quiet and stillness,

and grace for when all you feel like doing is running away.

Grace upon grace upon grace, because Jesus died for you to both have and give grace.

So grace has been a lesson these last few months, and while it's taken me longer to realize it than I care to admit, it is something I believe I will be diving deeper into. I have found I am not only quicker, but more willing to give grace to others than I am to myself, so I anticipate continuing down this path of learning more and more grace for when I am stupid hard on myself.

And grace for this space, when the words and stories abound, and when they don't; when I have too many things to share and when I can hardly form one sentence; when the words fall like rain and when I am dying for just a drop.

Grace. Upon grace. Upon grace.