He's Waiting

My dearest daughter,

I see your loneliness and fear.  I know your hurt and your heartaches.  In a special bottle I am storing each and every one of your tears.  I see you searching for love, for happiness, for fulfillment.  As much as I hate to see your pain, as much as it grieves me to see you struggle, all this must be in order for you to totally and completely come to the end of your own understanding.  Only then can you fully hear my voice.

Listen very carefully.  Amidst the noise of the world, I'm calling.  My voice is in the midst of your worst fears, tenderly beseeching you to trust me in the pain of your loneliness.  If you hold very still, you can feel my arms encircling you and hear my soothing words of comfort.  Yes, that still, small voice within you in mine.  Yes, that gentle touch is me.  Give me your pain - all of it - and I will give you my peace.  Give me your sorrow and I will give you joy unspeakable.  I cherish you, daughter.  I shed my blood so that you could be clean.  I want you for my companion, my bride, to love and cherish now and throughout eternity and I plan to dress you in the most beautiful of white garments.  As you live out the joy and experience the wonder of being my bride, I will be your gentle tutor conforming you to my image.

I must begin by teaching you how to serve and live in submission to me.  Let me convince you of your great value so that you may be able to fully share the love I have given you with the one you someday choose to bring to me as your earthly husband.  Then, and only then, will you be the kind of wife I would choose for him.  Give yourself completely to me.  I want you to deny me nothing.  I will not hurt you.  I will disappoint you.  You can trust me completely.  I keep my promises.  Do not be overly critical of yourself because you are not perfect in your own eyes.  It saddens me greatly to hear you criticize and devalue the one I love so much.  Daughter, in me you are complete and lacking in nothing.  What right do you have to criticize the one I treasure?  On what grounds do you find fault with what I have so fearfully and wonderfully made?  Why do you call what I deem beautiful ugly?  Why do you believe that the one I love enough to die for is not good enough?  Daughter, I want you to know who you are in me.  I mean who you really are in me - completely loved and totally forgiven.  I want you to trust me one step, one day, one second at a time.  Dwell in my power and my love and be all that you are in me, in my strength and in my power.

Do not fear what might happen or what the future may bring, because my grace is sufficient and I will take care of you.  Daughter, I know that you long to give yourself to someone, to have a deep relationship with him, and to be loved thoroughly and exclusively by him.  But I must say no.  Not until my love is enough.  Not until you can see yourself truly complete in me.  I love you, my child.  Until you discover that your joy and satisfaction are found in me alone, you will not be capable of handling the problems and disappointments that are part of every relationship.  You can never be truly united with another in the way your heart desires; only I can fill that emptiness, only I can supply that need, only I can love you enough.  You must be united with me, exclusive or anyone or anything else, exclusive of any other desires or longings, before you will have the strength to endure the many heartaches and soul-aches of a seemingly perfect human relationship.  I want you to stop planning, stop wishing, and allow me to give you my faithfulness, my gentleness, and my self-control.  Then you will need no other.

Daughter, I want you to allow me to be enough.  You must keep your eyes on me, expecting the greatest and the best things from me.  Keep experiencing the satisfaction of knowing that I am and that you are my child.  Keep learning and listening to the things I tell you.  Stay close by my side.  Seek my face in the morning, my presence throughout the day, and my comfort at night.  I am always there, daughter.  I will never leave you or forsake you.  But you must wait.  Don't be anxious.  Do not get in a hurry.  Don't  look around and fear or envy the things that other receive from me.  You must keep from looking off or away.  Look up to me or you'll miss the things I want to show you, and then, when you are ready, I'll give you the desires I have put in your heart, the strength to endure all things, and the courage to risk your heart.  You see, until you are ready and the one I have for you is ready - I am working even this minute to have you both ready at the same time - until you are both living to, which you will, however imperfectly, reflect your relationship in me.

First give me time to heal your wounds, console your heartaches, and ease your disappointments.  Find me time to erase the painful memories of the past.  Give me time to heal you and make you whole and complete in me.  I want you to experience real agape love - not the selfish, false love of the world. I want you to learn love that is patient and always kind.  Love that knows no envy and is never boastful or proud.  Love that is never rude or self-seeking.  Love that is not easily angered or keeps record of wrong.  Love that does not delight in evil bit instead rejoices in truth.  The love that I want for you, daughter, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres, never fails.  Because this love is of the Spirit and not of the flesh, its natural fruit is joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.  I cannot give this love to you in or even through another except dimly, and, even then, only in a limited capacity - for all will fail and eventually disappoint you.  This perfect love, daughter, can only be found in me.

Let my perfect love flow from you and spill over to all you touch.  Be not concerned with yourself; you are my responsibility.  I will change you often without you even knowing it.  Take your eyes off yourself, look only to me.  I lead, I change, and I create, but only when you are not striving.  You are mine; let me have the joy of making you into my image, as only I can do this.  Above all else, look to me and me only, never to yourself and never to others.  Do not struggle; relax, and trust my love.  I know what is best and will do it in and through you if you let me.  Stop trying to become, and let me transform you from within. I love you daughter. Will you let my love be enough for you?

I'm waiting...will you wait, too?