His Will

The other day, I was having a great discussion with someone close to me, and we came to the topic of God's plans versus our own.  I was both enlightened and encouraged by our conversation, and knew I needed to embed it in my heart.  Often times, we - being the controlling, self-centered people that we often are (come on, I know I'm not alone!) - make our own strategic plans for how to get what we want, go where we want, and be who/what we want.  Yet many times, we are disappointed when our own plans fail.  It's never easy, and can even be heartbreaking.  Realizing why they fail, however, is simple: because they weren't God's plans.  Rather, by creating our owns plans and relying so heavily on them to work out, we cease to allow His Spirit to work in and fully establish His plans for our lives.

"Thy Will be done" is a phrase that has been uttered by followers of Christ for centuries.  A saying which, in more contemporary language, means, "Lord, may You be in control of my life.  Lead me wherever You want me to go."  Intentionally acknowledging that God is in control of our lives allows Him to do His thing, using us as vessels of His love in others' lives.  But it can be scary!  Not knowing exactly what we're supposed to do, where we should live, who we should marry, or even how we will pay our bills can be both terrifying and disheartening!  Yet that's why relying fully on God to work out His will for our lives is so beautiful - because He is then more able to break us and make us into who He created us to be, to do the things He has set out for us to do, and for us to come to the humble realization that it's all about His plans (not our own)!  Trying to "figure out" what His will for our lives is not easy because it's not supposed to be!  It takes perseverance, persistence, and lots of prayer!  God will reveal His plans for your life in time, but remember that it will be in His timing.

With that, in our trusting that He's in control of our lives, we must not now throw all our responsibility to the wind!  Rather, we should fully trust that He is in control while also being faithful with our time, our talents, and our treasures.  And making plans isn't always a terrible thing, so long as we invite His Spirit into the planning process.  God is completely able to bless our plans so long as they are in accordance to His will!  It's just essential to acknowledge that He is the One ultimately in control.

In the words of a friend: "I thought I knew what I wanted.  But I was wrong.  And what God had for me was so much better!"  Be encouraged, as He always has something greater for us than we could ever imagine, because His plans are always

better than our own.  So trust in His timing and trust in His will, and I promise that He will work mightily in and through your life!