It Will Work Out

Yikes.  God seems to be moving at super speed in my life right now, and I am simply doing my best to keep up with Him and be obedient.  I am learning that the Lord plants dreams in our hearts for a reason, and that in them He makes things happen in His way and time.  Sometimes that means a slow, drawn-out journey with the Lord.  And sometimes, like for myself right now, it means a fast-paced sprint where your legs start to feel like jello and your heart races faster than you thought possible and you feel like you can't go any further without dying... so you begin to slow down, but then Jesus says, "Oh no, girl.  Push through this.  Keep running this race."  And it's not like I am going to say no to Jesus, so I keep going and things look crazy from the outside.  I am not surprised when people look at me like I'm nuts, or point out all of the reasons why this is too fast or why it won't work.  I take their advice with a grain of salt, because when you're running toward something with the God who laid the groundwork before you and who runs alongside you, urging you to obedience, you have a heavenly confidence that things will work out the way that they are meant to, the way that He designed it to all come together from the very beginning.

"Trust me.  I planted this dream in your heart, and have been challenging you in mighty ways... this part being the biggest: to trust Me to provide for your every need in this life-changing decision, which will happen in My time so long as you choose to obey.  Will you obey?  Will you trust me to come through when it matters the most?  Will you have FAITH when you are at your end?  Because I LOVE you, I want to take you beyond what you think you can handle... with Me, you can do this!"

Thank you, Lord, for your constant reminder that this process, this journey, is all about growing closer to You and more into who You created me to be from the beginning.  Thank you for bringing out the dreamer in me, for renewing my prayer life, for lighting my path step by step in accordance to Your plans, and for the support and encouragement You have provided through those around me.  Thank you that, though this dream is a crazy one, You are the giver and have promised to lead and guide me in it.  Thank you, Jesus, that even on the hard days, the ones full of doubt and worry and fear, You remind me that this is You moving and I'm just called to obedience.  I am so looking forward to the testimony of Your power and provision that will come as a result of this journey.