New Favorites

As I have been on a journey toward simpler living over the last few months (post on this coming soon!), I have found myself doing a ton of research on new brands and companies that produce quality - and often ethical and/or sustainable - products.  As a result, I have purchased some really beautiful items that have garnered some serious compliments in my day-to-day life, and so I would love to share some of those brands here with you!

Ugh, y'all, this is one of my absolute favorite brands, and I've been a massive fan for years now.  Their leather goods are produced in Ethiopia, the jewelry here in Nashville, all of their products are hand-made by women who have overcome difficult circumstances, and their model is based on helping to end the cycle of poverty.  Fashionable's products are beautiful, minimal, and made to last, and I could not speak more highly of them - I mean, I have four of their bags and multiple pieces of jewelry.  So yes, I'm pretty obsessed.
+ ethical, purposeful

Lo & Sons
I had been looking at the bags from Lo & Sons for quite some time, especially their leather purse made for carrying a camera: The Claremont (pictured above).  I was in the market for a new camera bag, particularly one that looked less like it carries thousands of dollars worth of equipment, and simply couldn't get that one out of my mind.  So I bought it and it has served me so well at the recent events and shoots I've had.  The quality is excellent and I am just smitten, namely because it serves two purposes: camera bag and everyday purse.  I've also been eyeing The Pearl and The OG (I need neither, but it's fun to look).

Another local favorite, Nisolo's shoes and other leather goods are absolutely beautiful, excellently made, and well worth their price tag.  Their products are produced in Peru, Mexico, and Kenya, and their workers often make above what is considered fair trade wages.  I own a pair of their Smoking Loafers in almond, and currently have the same in noir as well as their Serena Sandal in my cart - just saving up for them now.
+ ethical, transparent
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I love, love, love Everlane.  Based in San Francisco, this brand produces modern basics and make it a point to be radically transparent about the cost breakdown and the factories in which their clothing is made.  I have purchased some of their tees and dresses, and have loved most of what I've gotten.  Anything that didn't work out was easy to return, as their customer service is excellent.  Their stuff is minimal (my favorite) and classy, and I kind of can't get enough.
+ ethical

Third Love
Bras are kind of the worst, right?  Well, I got sucked into trying a ThirdLove bra a few months ago, and while I was totally skeptical at first, I am now completely on the bandwagon.  Not only did they help me realize I have been wearing the wrong size for years (ugh, so annoying), but their bras are so cute and comfortable and I truly forget I am wearing one at all - because let's be honest, they're usually such an annoyance.  If you haven't tried their bras yet, do it.
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Eye Buy Direct
If you've watched any of my Instagram stories lately, you've probably seen me wearing my EBD digital protection glasses.  They help with the blue light transmission from screens, which often lead to fatigue and headaches, and they also have UV protection for if/when you wear them outside.  Superficially, and in spite of my great eyesight, I have always wanted a pair of glasses, but when my migraines started getting really bad as a result of too much screen time and a friend mentioned these glasses to me, I knew I wanted to try them.  I regret nothing, as they have vastly improved my headaches, and also they just real cute.
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Other honorable mentions:
- Swell Water Bottles
- Patagonia
- Sseko Designs

There are plenty of other new and/or ethical brands I am hoping to look into soon, but these are the ones I have tried recently and that I believe are absolutely worth sharing.  But do you have any suggestions for other brands I should check out?  Please share with ya girl!